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Our focused range of flexible investment solutions allow you to tailor your financial plan, as well as respond to life and market changes.

  • Personal Portfolio

  • Personal Portfolio is designed for investors with a medium- to long-term investment horizon who require maximum flexibility and easy access to their offshore investment portfolio whenever they need it.

    Personal Portfolio (1.7 MB)

  • International Portfolio Bond

  • Designed for investors who want a diversified offshore investment portfolio housed within an insurance contract. It, therefore combines the advantages of an insurance product (such as tax planning) with a broad choice of underlying investment funds.

    International Portfolio Bond (1.61 MB)

  • Investment choice and flexibility

  • Provides investors with the opportunity to choose from over 1 000 underlying funds, which are suited to varying client risk profiles and offer access to global equity, bond, property, cash, multi-asset, specialist, alternative and index tracker investment options.

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