Our benefits

We see ourselves as responsible stewards of the assets entrusted to us, consistently providing investors with access to international investment expertise.

We offer investment choice and flexibility

We offer a complete range of investment funds designed to cater for varying market conditions and investor needs. With the help of your financial adviser, you have the flexibility to choose from a range of more than 1 000 funds denominated in various foreign currencies. Our sub-custodian has access to over 85 000 funds, providing you with even more investment choice, should the need arise.

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[Image] Guided solutions

We make fund selection easier with our guided solutions

Our guided solutions range of Momentum collective investment schemes are subject to a market-leading governance process. Our award-winning investment team based in London conducts regular, in-depth due diligences on each fund in the Momentum collective investment schemes range before considering it for inclusion. Once included in our solution, each fund is continuously monitored to ensure that it meets the necessary due diligence requirements.

Easily monitor your investment online using the latest technology

We understand the importance of being able to monitor your investment at any time. This is why we provide you with the necessary online tools to securely view your portfolio, access contract details and notes, and request information, such as investment statements at your convenience. As an added benefit, we provide you with one consolidated statement for your entire portfolio, which contains a detailed audit trail of transactions fees and investment growth across multiple portfolios.

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[Image] Multiple currency reporting

We offer multiple currency reporting arrangements

Our proprietary online currency converter tool allows you to consolidate and view your portfolio’s value in various currencies, including US dollar, sterling, euro, Japanese yen, Hong Kong dollar, Australian dollar, Swiss franc and South African rand.

You have peace of mind knowing that your assets are protected

We are based in Guernsey, a leading offshore investment centre that offers first-class infrastructure for the structuring, management, administration and custody of investment funds, offering you valuable investor protection. This means that your investment remains domiciled in Guernsey, regardless of where you currently live or decide to live in the future. Further protection is added through our nominee structure, where your assets are safely held in a separate segregated nominee (MWI Nominees Limited).

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