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Learn about offshore investing

Do you want to invest offshore and don’t know where to start? There are various aspects that should be considered when investing offshore. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you in your financial planning.

Invest offshore with us

We believe your investment decisions are important and should not be made without expert financial advice. For this reason, our products are only available through licenced financial advisers.

  1. Contact your financial adviser
    Your financial adviser will guide you through the relevant process for your investment application for your chosen product.

  2. Have your adviser email us
    After you have completed and signed the form, your financial adviser can email it to us at [email protected].

  3. Supporting documents
    We may also require the following documents to complete the process for your new investment:

    • Verification of identity

    • Verification of residential address

    • Proof of source of funds

    Please note that in certain instances, we may require additional information.

  4. Process and record keeping
    We will process your investment contract once we have received electronic copies of the required documents. Your financial adviser may be required to submit the originals of the signed documents to us.

Diversification - access to other and new opportunities.

Currency hedging - to maintain offshore purchasing/spending power.

Geopolitical hedging - investment risk arising from unpopular political decisions and disasters such as earthquakes can be mitigated through diversification.

Exposure to specific sectors - diversify into different currencies, economic cycles, asset classes, and industries.

Investor-specific needs - saving goals, retirement planning, succession planning, and emigration.

In Guernsey, the principle of freedom of testation applies to the law of succession. This means that individuals are free to dispose of their estates on death.

Some product features allow for succession planning, but it would be best to consult your financial adviser.

Depending on your residency status, the impact on your estate may vary in different countries. For example, South African residents may choose to deal with their Guernsey assets in the product itself or their South African Will. They may even draft separate Wills for their assets situated locally and in Guernsey.

Watch the video about probate to understand when it will be applicable and how it may be avoided in certain instances.

Investment platforms can help advisers provide comprehensive and efficient investment solutions while improving the client experience.

Momentum Wealth International provides advisers and clients with a convenient and accessible way to invest in the financial markets and grow their wealth over time.

Investment choice and easy fund selection

Here are 5 reasons to choose us to invest your money:

  1. We offer investment choice and flexibility
    Our wide range of investment funds caters for varying market conditions and investment needs. With help from a financial adviser, you can choose from a range of more than 1 100 funds denominated in foreign currencies.

  2. Easy fund selection with our guided solutions
    As an investment provider, it’s important that investment funds perform in line with expectations, and we have, as a result, put a market-leading governance process in place. Our skills and experience have resulted in sophisticated and robust processes which support fund choice, and the core portfolio guides fund selection to suit specific client needs.

    The International Core Portfolio range provides a select range of FSCA-approved international investment funds that maximise international opportunities while minimising unnecessary risk. Each fund that forms part of this range has been extensively analysed and identified as a leader in its respective category.

  3. Online investment monitoring
    Keeping an eye on your investment at any time is important. We provide you with the necessary online tools to view your investment portfolio securely, access contract details and notes and request information, such as investment statements, at your convenience. As an added benefit, you get 1 consolidated statement for your entire portfolio, which contains a detailed audit trail of investment growth and fees across multiple investment portfolios.

  4. Multiple currency reporting
    Consolidate and view your portfolio’s value in various currencies, including US Dollar, Sterling, Euro, Japanese Yen, Hong Kong Dollar, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc, and South African Rand, with our proprietary online currency converter tool.

  5. Your investments are safe
    We are based in Guernsey, a leading offshore investment centre that offers a first-class infrastructure for the structuring, management, administration, and custody of investment funds, offering you valuable protection for your investments. This means that your investment remains domiciled in Guernsey, regardless of where you live or decide to live. Further protection is added through our nominee structure, where your investments are safely held in a separate segregated nominee (Momentum Wealth International Nominees Limited).


Yes, advisers can submit an online switch or paper-based switch form.

We make it easy for advisers to log into our portal and manage their clients’ investments online, whether they are appointed under an advisory or discretionary mandate. The process can be completely paperless.

How to invest offshore with us

We believe your investment decisions are important and should not be made without expert financial advice. For this reason, our products are only available through licenced financial advisers.

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