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Our focused range of flexible investment solutions allow you to tailor your financial plan, as well as respond to life and market changes.

  • International Investment Option

  • The International Investment Option is designed for investors with a medium- to long-term investment horizon who require maximum flexibility and easy access to their offshore investment portfolio whenever they need it.

  • International Endowment Option

  • Designed for investors who want a diversified offshore investment portfolio housed within an insurance contract. It therefore combines the advantages of an insurance product (such as tax planning) with a broad choice of underlying investment funds.

  • Investment choice and flexibility

  • Guided Architecture

    International Core Portfolio

    As an investment provider, we believe it is important that funds perform in line with expectations and we have, as a result, put a market-leading governance process in place. Our skills and experience have resulted in sophisticated and robust processes, which support fund choice and the core portfolio guides fund selection to suit specific client needs.

    The International Core Portfolio range provides a select range of FSCA-approved international funds that serve to maximise international opportunities, whilst minimising unnecessary risk. Each fund that forms part of this range has been subjected to extensive analysis and identified as a leader in its respective category.

    International Core Portfolio (2.55 MB)

    Open Architecture

    The Open Architecture range gives clients the opportunity to choose from over 1 000 underlying funds, which are suited to varying client risk profiles and offer access to global equity, bond, property, cash, multi-asset, specialist, alternative and index tracker investment options

    International Personal Share Portfolio

    The International Personal Share Portfolio provides single-platform access to global listed shares and exchange-traded funds on the world’s major stock exchanges. Level of participation choices in terms of execution only, advisory or discretionary mandates are available.

    An international share portfolio provides the potential for higher returns by allowing investors to gain exposure to markets that are specific to geographical sectors, industries and themes that many locally-listed companies have little or no access to. The International Personal Share Portfolio provides an opportunity to custom-build a share portfolio of internationally-listed securities.

    International Personal Share Portfolio (1,016 KB)

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